Brianna McClure is a hardworking, reliable, and bubbly singer and actor born in St. Louis Missouri, who grew up with a small family in Mesa, Arizona. Her family has videos of her dancing to Barney as soon as she could stand. She always sang at campfires growing up, where she was encouraged by many influences, particularly her dad.

She was always a shy performer; loved to sing, but too scared to do it for other people. After years of growing more comfortable performing, she began to sing at bars. Growing up she was always a sports kid; she didn’t actually begin studying the arts until she auditioned for a musical in college on a whim. She now has her Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Musical Theatre Performance from Arizona State University, as well as a Business Associates Degree and Minor. Bri is detail oriented, nerdy and youthful, passionate and resilient, and "a firecracker in a small body". She is humble, deeply connected to her work, and will always come prepared. She feels very lucky to have been given many opportunities to play roles “outside the box”. Also, she has played many roles that require her to do what she loves best, belting as high as she can! She truly loves a variety of characters from spunky, comedic characters, to characters that require lots of depth and emotion. Brianna finds joy in unpacking a character and peeling back their layers. She is actively involved in music theatre, film, barbershop, and singing on records.


One of Brianna's greatest ambitions came true when she became a part of the Inaugural entertainment cast on board Disney's newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish. Some of Brianna's favorite credits include u.s. Janet/ Phantom in The Rocky Horror Show at The Phoenix Theatre Company (TPTC), Jerusha Understudy in Daddy Long Legs at TPTC, a New Work Reading of Nayika, Woman #1 in 35mm, Olive Ostrovsky in 25th Annual..Spelling Bee, Mime-a-saurus inTriassic Parq (Zoni Nom.), The Child Prostitute in Runaways, and Minnie Fay in Hello, Dolly at Hale Center Theater. Brianna can be found in a local AZ barbershop chorus called “Sounds of the Mouth, and on the record NayikaIn her free time, she likes camping, playing with her two dogs, gardening, swimming, and traveling whenever she can! Brianna is signed with the incredible team at Leighton Agency for film and commercial work. She feels so grateful to be making art, and wants to thank her family, friends and loved ones for all of their support now and over the years. Follow her on Instagram @brianna_mcclure15.